About Company

Every day we wake up to alarming news reports on robbery, hijacking and violence in every society across the world. Most of the times these events can lead to chaos and bring the reputation of a company in bad light. Unless, all these mishaps are curbed at the ground level by deploying a smart security service that can mitigate risks before they become threats. Guardwell Prime should be your preferred partner to shoulder the security concerns of your company.

Guardwell Prime Services Pvt. Ltd is a premier security company founded by veteran Mr. Vishwanath V .Katti who is a prominent personality in the security industry with an experience of over 4 decades under his sleeves. Led by the vision of our founder we ensure to deliver the best security solutions to our clients. With our focus set on total and zero tolerance on compliance, innovative security solutions for our clients, and welfare of the Guarding personnel, Guardwell Prime is well equipped to perform the role of a strategic partner to the enterprises we serve.


To deliver the best security solutions to our clients and to build a legacy of our excellence and focus on selected premium compliance conscious clients.


> Guardwell Prime’s vision is to be the best security solutions provider.
> Transparency to all stakeholders.
> Focus on a select, premium, compliance-conscious customer segment.
> Focus on staff welfare.
> Implement best CRM practices to be a preferred security partner for discerning organizations.
> Role model for the industry to emulate.

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